Instructional e-book

In this unit, you will learn about the growing importance of E-books across the board to enhance learning. E-books are emerging medium of designing instruction in the format of a book which are digital and provides a personalized learning environments for your students. You will first read the article on the role of E-books in the education, read a webpage that explains the growing importance of E-books, and then watch a video tutorial on developing an E-book using a free software provided by Apple called iBooksAuthor.

I enjoyed this assignment most of all, as it allowed me to use my growing Javascript/HTML skills to good effect. iBooks Author has a widget called HTML5 widget which lets you embed these Javascript apps in your e-book, and play them for people when they click on them. Also useful was the 3D widget, which let me experiment with a new way to look at Magic Eye pictures: on the side of a free-rotating 3D cube, in the hopes that it would improve the illusion.

Download iBooks file (iOS/OSX only)

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