Top 5 Web 2.0 sites and top Web 2.0 community

[image credit: Vmenkov] Three.js, a Javascript library that lets you embed 3D computer programs in your website. Based on WebGL. A shameless plug for my own website, where I hooked together MIDI.js with Lilypond music notation software and Mutopia library sheet music to make an online player piano. Host your own blogs by downloading the WordPress installation package here, and installing on a virtual Linux web server at Amazon Web Services. Dress up your website with fancy Javascript-based GUI controls courtesy of the non-profit jQuery Foundation. Another Javascript GUI control, this one is a fancy text box with line numbers at the beginning of each line and code folding / highlighting for text. Optimized for showing programming code on the web. The community I choose is GitHub, an online open-source project coordinator. When you contribute to projects on GitHub, you build your history as an active contributor, which can be useful on your resume for some tech jobs. My GitHub profile!

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