Digital storytelling

[image credit: Doc Searles]

For this assignment, you will create a short video (1—3 min duration) narrating a story from life. You will publish this video on YouTube and paste the link in the respective assignment section as part of the submission via iLearn. Along with the video link, you will also submit the video project storyboard document. Please refer to the rubric for scoring of this assignment.

This video came out much better than I had expected it to, which is encouraging. Part of the reason was that UC Santa Cruz has a media archive including aerial pictures of the campus. The video covers about 15 years in my life along with changing attitudes towards tobacco, and I didn’t take many pictures during the part of my life I spent at UCSC. We were invited to sketch our own pictures instead of using possibly copyrighted material, but I didn’t feel confident enough to do that and instead used free material from Wikimedia Commons or the campus archive.

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