Blog it!

For this assignment, you will create a blog (weblog), which is a reflective journal to share your emerging perspective about technology integration in to school curricula. You will make an entry after every class session until the end of the semester to discuss your journey of exploring and enhancing your skills of technology integration. Although, this process will continue until the last class, as part of this assignment submission you provide a link of your blog on the assignment due date, which the instructor will use to grade your assignment at the end of the semester Please refer to the rubric for more details.

This assignment forced me to think of new ways to present information on the screen, as part of it was to embed different types of media in each blog post. Media types included a Google Doc with online calculations, a self-authored Youtube video, an SVG icon, and a Javascript/HTML5 app. The Blogger platform made it a little more complicated than in an ordinary website, but not impossible.

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